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The End Of Me...(Angel<3)

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The End Of Me...(Angel<3) Empty The End Of Me...(Angel<3)

Post  Angel<3 on Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:03 pm

Title says it all.....will be gone from the forums for a while,not sure on when i will be back.Some stuff that i wanna say to my friends before i go.Reason:(Real life family problems has kept me busy so i needed to take a break from the forums)
Not much to say,well thanks for everything and also for the beer Wink Take care of yourself when i am gone :)

Next on the list...

Princess Bubblegum/Kat/Japan.
Well first of all,meow.had some fun times with you kat,Your jokes makes me laugh.Take care of yourself too and be happy :D

Soulja,member of creed :P Although you are not that good at begone,i believe in you :D You will be good at begone one day(and other fps games.)Had fun times with you too,4EverAlone Wink Take care of yourself.....

Last but not least.

You are a awesome guy void :D even though i don't know you in real life,I know you are a nice guy.Take care of yourself and don't let boredom make you crazy :P

That's pretty much it,Hopefully one day i will be back here.Thanks for everything.Bye......


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